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Getting more customers is what every business needs. Selling more to your existing customers is critical for growing your business. Doing both requires a concentrated focus on marketing. But you’re not a marketer- you’re an expert in whatever you started your business to do. That’s where Marketing Acuity comes in. We love marketing! We have a unique ability to get inside of your business and to the heart of what makes your it special. We can translate that into marketing that helps you get new customers. From website development, e-commerce, email marketing, social media strategy to inbound marketing and sales support programs, we have more than 25 years of experience helping businesses succeed.

Marketing is, at its heart, storytelling and connection. Your stories are unique to your business. Capturing and telling them to the world is our job. We also help companies connect one-to-one with their customers through social media. Our highly personalized approach to marketing means we embed ourselves into your business. We come to know and love your customers through interviews, research and social marketing and customer service. We help you sift through data to understand why and how they buy and just what it is they love about you.

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