High Fashion Meets DIY

Christine Jonson Patterns is a fashion sewing pattern design firm located in Hazel Park, MI. Christine has been a patternmaker and fashion designer for more than 30 years. The pattern company specializes in sewing patterns for knit and Lycra-based fabrics and enjoys a fervent following in the sewing community worldwide. The sewing boom started about 10 years ago, kicking off the “maker” and DIY movement that has been so popular.

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A Unique Partnership

Since August of 2015, Christine Jonson Patterns has been in a percentage-of-sales arrangement with Marketing Acuity. We put our money where our mouth is – if our client makes money, we make money! Marketing Acuity¬†manages social media marketing from strategy through execution on three main social media networks (Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter – specifically selected for our target markets), ¬†manages and maintain the client’s e-commerce web site built on SquareSpace, and employs lead generation and e-mail nurturing strategies and tools with Leadin and Constant Contact.

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