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Behavioral and Medical Health EHR Software

NextStep Solutions builds powerful behavioral and medical health EHR software that works differently than most EHRs. The system is built on an interrelated data set that connects client information with treatment plans and outcome metrics. Most comparable software utilizes screens of information that don’t connect, NextStep Solutions software is a cloud-based data solution with the ability to collect and display health information to providers in a way that enables them to track and report on outcomes, not just service.

Inbound Marketing Has Transformed This Software Company’s Sales and Marketing.

From Lead Generation to Social Media Marketing, a comprehensive solution that generates business

NextStep Solutions is comprehensive medical EHR software. And these systems are a significant investment in time and cost for a medical clinic, hospital or team. The customer engagement cycle for software at this level is long and complex. NextStep engages clients at a much earlier stage of the sales process, they are able to influence the decisionmaking process  – not just the decision – of identifying, selecting and deploying medical EHR software.

Marketing Acuity manages marketing automation, using the Hubspot marketing automation system, lead generation, content development, social media strategy and social media marketing. Marketing Acuity also designs, manages and maintains NextStep Solutions web platform (hosted by their development team.)

Since 2012, NextStep has grown leads by 1000% and traffic to their site has more than tripled. They regularly pull in new contacts into their marketing automation system, where they can nurture and facilitate conversations at a much earlier stage of the client’s decision-making process.

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