DNS, Domain registration, URL pointing: Understanding the mystery of web tech stuff

Understanding the mystery of DNS, domain registration, domain pointing, hosting and other mysterious, behind-the-scenes web tech stuff is important. Your entire business rests on the good foundations of hosting, domain management and if you’re not aware of these things (or in control of them) your business could be at risk. URL: Most of us get this one, it’s your .com or .biz, or .org. It’s the single most important thing that you have to manage. If you forget who ordered…

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What’s a Proforma and why do I need one?

What’s a proforma? A proforma is a business financial statement that is based on future, planned income and expenses. It’s not based on actual sales and it is not a sales forecast, but is used for brand new startup companies, for those that are expanding in to new product or service lines. It’s required to get bank loans for your business, when you don’t yet have a business started.  https://www.inc.com/encyclopedia/pro-forma-statements.html A proforma looks at both income AND expenses (it’s more…

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Hubspot vs. Constant Contact: Which service provides the better deliverability?

We get this question a lot, what email service is better for deliverability? Email marketing is a proven tool that will reach customers and drive sales. Perhaps your business has been sending out email campaigns for a while,  you’re looking to reach even more people AND get them to click and buy Hubspot and Constant Contact are two popular email services that businesses can use to customize emails and send them out to their customer mailing lists. Both come with many…

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The Importance of a Style Guide and How to Build One

It’s a weekday afternoon and you’re aimlessly strolling through the grocery store doing your shopping for the week. Your eyes are glazed over and you barely even take note of the items you’re putting in your cart. You have a routine and your brain knows what it’s used to. The same box of cereal, the same bag of shredded cheese … you get the picture.  The questions now are, why is your brain maintaining this routine? Why are you able…

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Website Security 101: Why it’s important to protect your site and how to do it

How to ensure your site has the right kind of security, plus keep your critical web & domain credentials secure and accessible. It’s Sunday evening and you get a text message from a friend of yours who is also a customer. She says “hey, thought you’d like to know your website is down!” What do you do? Call your hosting provider. Most likely there is a simple, fast fix for this. However, we’ve seen too many times where it isn’t.…

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How to craft stories that connect with your customers (yes, yours!)

People buy from people (and brands) that they like, and connect with. They buy from brands they empathize with. Connectedness begins with empathy! People buy from people (and brands) that they like, and connect with. They buy from brands they empathize with. Connectedness begins with empathy! Storytelling for ecommerce retailers is a skill any business owner can learn. How do you create a feeling of brand connectedness to your ecommerce products when you and your customers are never together in…

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How to create a great homepage slider for your website

Your website is the main hub for your business to reach customers, it’s more important now more than ever to have a site that is unique and invites viewers to stay. One of the most effective ways to do so is by utilizing a slider on your home page. Upon the arrival of the novel coronavirus, people across the country came to the conclusion that most business would need to be done online for the imminent future. We are now…

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There’s nothing wrong with a lifestyle business

There’s nothing wrong with a lifestyle business As a follow up to what size business is right for you (link), the concept of lifestyle business is in that article. What is a lifestyle business? According to venture capitalists, it’s one that they cannot sell and make 20% on their investment. They look for unicorns – amazing, unique companies that they can invest in and turn billions in profit on the sale or public offering. Just whose lifestyle are we talking…

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Best Video Headers for Wordpress

Great WordPress Themes with Video Headers

Based on our ACTUAL research and testing We recently developed a site for a client and her request was that her site deploy a video header using a YouTube video (or a native video.) She wanted the video to stand alone, with no slider text or buttons on it. She wanted an easy to customize video header, too, nothing too complex for a client to create. You would think this is an easy find, but we found surprisingly few video-enabled…

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