Marketing Acuity helps organizations gain the big picture in four specializations – customer satisfaction, competitive analysis, benefits and value proposition, and new product and service innovation.

Research data is just the beginning…real strategic insight comes from a thorough analysis of both the quantitative and qualitative data. One data point might have some power, but true “a ha!” moments are the result of the big-picture information that emerges during the analysis.

Customer Satisfaction

Seventy percent of customers leave because they didn’t like the way they were treated — in other words, customer service issues and not price. In an age where quality is nearly ubiquitous, getting service levels right can have a key role in competitive advantage and profitability.

Marketing Acuity works with organizations to uncover insights on both positive and negative aspects of customer service. By working with a third-party, Marketing Acuity can ask objective, probing questions to both direct customers and channel partners — such as wholesalers and retailers — and get amazingly detailed and useful responses. We compile this information, outline the insights and implications and work with our clients’ teams to build responses into strategies and tactics.

Competitive Intelligence

What are our competitor’s strengths and weaknesses? What are their strategies? Likely next moves?

Excellent strategy requires excellent information and insight about competitors — competitive intelligence. Working with our clients’ internal marketing, sales, product development and strategy teams, Marketing Acuity helps organizations build or update competitive profiles for input into the strategic planning, market strategy development, and new product innovation.

Benefits and Value Proposition

Do our customers see us as strategic to their success or are our products and services seen as transactional or filling a tactical need? What value do we bring? How can we better communicate the benefits and our value proposition to the market?

Marketing Acuity’s experience in working with companies, associations, and organizations in a variety of industries has been that effectively communicating the value proposition is one of the most difficult marketing and strategic challenges an organization faces. And like customer satisfaction information, the perspective of the organization often differs greatly from that of the prospective and current customers.

Marketing Acuity helps organizations draw out the salient points — the key differentiators — that help potential and current customers in each target market segment understand the benefits and value that the organization and its products bring.

New Product and Service Innovation

Innovation and new product development are essential outcomes of a strong marketing function — arguably more so than other visible tactical implementations, such as Web sites and advertising that many people associate “marketing” with.

For businesses, and even many non-profit organizations, the product and service offerings are the main path to profits (or to money raised, surplus).

Research, insight about customers, customer satisfaction, the market, and competitors come together in product innovation.

Marketing Acuity helps companies gain insight and answers to questions such as:

  • How can we improve our current products / services?
  • What is our organization not doing now that our customers would like us to do, and that we can get paid for?
  • How can we be more strategic to our customers’ success?
  • How well is our product portfolio aligned with the needs of our target market segments?


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