We are doubling down on email and content to boost marketing and business success. It’s where you should increase marketing investment for maximum results.

We ARE still seeing client success using social media advertising, but organic reach is problematic. We are all going to have to spend money to get exposure on social media. Search advertising is expensive and once that tap turns off, you won’t get the traffic you need. It’s crucial that social and search advertising direct prospects to “sign up on our email list” as a key action on your site. Once you do, you can deepen the engagement you have with your customer using email marketing in combination with social, search and display digital advertising.

We already have a killer app in our arsenal that drives sales (not just traffic.) Email marketing!

  • How many emails do you send to your audience? (hint, it’s not likely enough)
  • Do you use list segmentation or do you send to a whole list at once (hint, you’re likely doing it wrong!)
  • When was the last time your email template was designed (hint, it’s probably not as effective as it could be)
  • Are you using follow-up email workflows? (hint, you should be!)
  • Can you get your email to go to the priority inbox (hint, there IS a secret recipe!)

Our e-mail marketing services include an evaluation of your email performance, including day/time optimization, template mobile optimization, content review and recommendations. It’s likely your BEST marketing channel, it’s likely underutilized and it could perform better. Read more here.

We provide training to onboard your staff to produce better email. We empower you with email topics, schedules and planning tools to do a much better job at what you send and when.

Want to see how it works for one of our clients? See these spikes? They’re sales spikes from e-mail campaigns over the course of just ONE month! We repeat it every month!

Combine it with our content marketing services and you have an out-of-the-gate proven lead generation package.

Email marketing services:

  • Analytics review of your best days/times for email sends
  • Review and redesign of email templates, including the secret sauce for “design” of priority-inbox-ready email
  • Segmentation analysis and setup
  • Consulting on ConstantContact (we’re a partner!), Hubspot (we’re a partner!) and MailChimp.
  • Deep expertise in email marketing; we’ve been designing and sending promotional email since the 1990s, so we know what you need to do to succeed, and we understand how the industry (and performance) has evolved to help you do that!

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