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Marketing Acuity is a digital marketing company that helps businesses thrive through research, insight, strategy, marketing training and mentoring.

Economic conditions, competitors, social media platforms, global pandemics – we don’t control any of these. But we can control our own business success through smart marketing. You did not start your business to be a marketer (or a social media expert or a website designer, a content marketing writer or even a SEO guru) you started it to do what YOU love to do. We LOVE marketing. We love marketing training. And we can help show you how to grow your business.

What can you expect working with a small digital marketing technology company? Crazy-personalized service that makes you feel like you’re our only client. We get deep inside your organization to understand what makes your company uniquely your company. We have the ability to learn your business quickly, and we provide a custom approach to whatever it is YOU need to do to be successful. Sometimes that’s training, sometimes it is just hand-holding while you work alongside of us to execute your marketing. Other times, it’s high-level strategy. Our expertise is in helping developing companies grow from the ground up. We love entrepreneurs. You’re passionate about what you do and we love marketing!

From social media consulting and social media training, to website design and development using popular platforms like WordPress, and SquareSpace, we help clients succeed. We  teach clients to develop amazing, engaging content including getting over the fear factor to create live video for Facebook and Instagram, recorded video for YouTube, write blog content and more. We teach you how to excel using marketing tools like Hubspot CRM, MailChimp, SEMRush, Constant Contact and show you how to manage it all with Trello and other collaboration tools.

We consultant for international startup development programs, guiding new companies and growing ones through best practices in startup development.  Wherever you are, we would be delighted to work with you!

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What we do for you

Inbound Marketing, Graphic Design, Social Media, Web Design, Web & Social Training

Why we do it

We love helping build your business and watching you succeed. We stay up at night in the wee hours hoping we’ve stewarded your brand and helped you achieve more.

How we do it

Custom work on a proven system. With 25+ years of marketing expertise (pre-internet!) we know what works. Fundamentals don’t change.

“We love working with Marketing Acuity!  Ann and her team are very knowledgeable and offer creative solutions to growing and marketing our programs!”

Deborah Gulliver – University Travel Manager MSU

“I was so impressed with Marketing Acuity Inc. and their ability to create a website for us that captured the true essence of our organization.  Ann is very intuitive and really understood our needs and worked closely with me to make sure that the finished product was exactly what we were looking for.  We are definitely satisfied with their work and would highly recommend them to other companies who are looking for someone to help market their product!”

Linda Cleary – Executive Direction Michigan Political History Society

Ann’s expertise with honing in on my target client and keeping the constant flow of consistent, precise content has significantly increased the traffic to my website.

Kimberly Collins, Ann Normandy Design Sewing Patterns

Ann Siegle was instrumental in helping the Michigan Safety Conference choose the right website platform and module software to rebuild our entire website.  Our main concerns were with regard to customer credit card safety and ease of use.  We also wanted staff to be able to build forms and update the site themselves.  Ann provided simple, easy to understand training.  The transition was smooth and affordable thanks to her knowledge and advice.


Denise McGinn, CAE, Executive Director Michigan Safety Conference

I am so thankful I chose to work with Ann of Marketing Acuity.  Her array of diverse IT knowledge and experiences, along with her humor and heart, made the perfect mix for flow and ease while creating my website. Mixing technology with creativity takes a unique person, like Ann, who can find the rhythm in the dance. And, with each call, email, and interaction we had, she showed up valuing the partnership of technology and creativity, as well as valuing my own uniqueness that I brought to our collaboration. (more…)

Heather Ann Simon, Universal Alignment, Inc.

I am so thankful I chose to work with Ann of Marketing Acuity
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