I recommend that you take a day off to get out in nature and dream about what you want your business to be this holiday/new year.

What Would Your Life Look Like IF: WWYLLLI (wiley) is a great way to jumpstart the thought process. I want you to think beyond your business growth and think about how it impacts your life (both positively and negatively).  In fact, I might argue growth isn’t what you want. Hang with me here.  WWYLLLI is a way to create a scenario that helps you “see” what your future could be like and incorporates your business goals. An example:

End of year business planning

In ten years, I’m sitting at a sailing club in Sarasota, Florida. It’s late March, it’s 82 degrees with blue sky and sunshine, and the breeze is nice and fresh. I’ve just come in from sailing with the Viper 640 fleet – we’ve cut Viper bow numbers for over a decade and have a long history with the class. I’ve joined the fleet and sail foredeck on two different Viper crews, a women’s crew and a mixed crew. Because I also support the Viper class with my business (and visit other clients) – I am able to write off part of my stay in the Sarasota area each spring. I also am able to transport my vinyl cutting equipment (and bicycles) as well as my laptop, and continue all of my businesses (marketing tech training, web development, vinyl graphics) as I seek the sunshine for three months in the spring. While here, I visit several other sailing organizations and secure orders for the upcoming summer racing season as well as making connections in the industry at a spring sailing industry show. The photo above is the Sarasota Sailing Squadron.

In this case (an actual scenario I wrote in my business journal), I have outlined ways to frame what kind of business I have (in this case, it’s my business side hustle, vinyl graphics for the marine industry). I also include a bit about “continuing my business” while seeking the sunshine, indicating I’m not working full time, but I am still working (I’ll be in my mid 60s in ten years.) The more detail you go into – your environment, how you FEEL – the better your mind will be able to assimilate this scenario. These scenarios serve as the base for exploring options and ideas that you can use (if you like them) to expand or pivot your business.  This is a much more fun way to envision your business growth or pivot than just writing down financial and marketing goals.

I’ve used my business journal for this, and in case you missed it, here’s more on that:

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Business planning should be FUN. It should reflect the way you feel about your business and how you’re looking to infuse it with your unique authenticity. And it should work for YOU!