I get this question asked in a couple of online groups at least once per week (maybe more), so I thought I’d answer it in a blog post. What does a basic website cost?

Basic would be described as an informational site – a home page, a services page, a contact page – this kind of basic is very basic and it’s very affordable – and even DIY-able if you have a few tech skills and aren’t afraid of diving in. Platforms like Squarespace and WordPress make this easy (please do not choose Wix. Most clients find their editing interface wonky and problematic.) For commerce sites, Squarespace, WordPress and Shopify are relatively easy to set up for most people.

A website that adds stuff on to it – scheduling, appointment reservations, registration for classes or experiences – that takes a little bit more, in terms of cost and development because with each of these platforms, it’s an add on in terms of both cost AND time to develop. A super simple registration system for WordPress for instance, might take a half hour or an hour to set up, a much more complex one could take a week or more. Commerce stores add another layer of complexity in setting up products, your store settings, shipping and fulfillment of both physical and digital goods.

At it’s most basic level, if you need a little hand holding, an hour with a professional developer and website trainer at $135 – $150/hr is well worth your time. You’ll learn the basics, you’ll get homework (which amounts to setting up your own site pages) and someone to check over your work before you launch. That’s huge! Yes, there are videos and tutorials that are also free from these platforms too, and you can start there.

There’s a spot between DIY and a custom website and in there, you are probably going to appreciate the advice and help of a professional to get you over the tricky parts. You’ll do it faster and with less frustration this way.

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