Caring for our most important friends at a critical time in their lives

Animal Cancer and Imaging Center is a veterinary oncology center in southeast Michigan.

Headed by a world-renowned veterinary cancer expert, Dr. Joyce Obradovich, the clinic has an 85% success rate in helping pets through a cancer diagnosis. From the caring family of veterinary oncologists, veterinary technicians, radiologists and surgeons, to the staff that help their patients and their owners, Animal Cancer and Imaging Center is one of the leading veterinary cancer centers in the Midwest.

When they looked to upgrade their web site experience, chief among their concerns was to upgrade the web site to a modern look and feel. Marketing Acuity developed their site to be mobile-first with a great desktop interface. Most of their audience are other ‘family veterinarians’ – primary practice veterinary physicians that refer cancer patients for specialized care. The site’s imagery, provided by patient owners and Dr. Obradovich herself, reflect the love and compassion of cancer care for our beloved pets.

An Easy to Use Web Site is Just One Part of a Complete Web and Internet Marketing Program

Easy-to-Use and Compact Web Site

The team at Animal Cancer and Imaging Center has an easy-to-update web site that helps veterinarians and clients understand the scope of animal cancer treatment and expected results. The physicians, hospital and administrative staff can edit the site, it’s images and all content. Built on the SquareSpace SaaS, it’s editing interface is as beautiful as it is easy to use.

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