Telling Your Brand Story with Video

Telling Your Brand Story with Video

Storytelling is one of the most powerful forms of communication for marketers. Combine story telling with video marketing and your brand will connect with customers in meaningful ways.   As children, we learn about the world through story. From books and cartoons, to made-up tales told while playing with toys, storytelling is at the heart of what we learned and HOW we learn. Then, we grew up.  But, still, the story is compeling! Humans were built to love stories. It…

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Adjust your home page graphic and message for the pandemic

Change your website homepage message & image in a pandemic!

Pandemic marketing requires big changes If your website homepage is the same as it was in late February, you need to change it, quickly. The world turned upside down. Your customers’ lives – and yours – are irrevocably different. If your message has remained the same, it needs to change. It does not, however, need to be gloom and doom! Positive, uplifting messages encouraging your customers to change with the times, to get motivated to do something are helpful. Early…

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Creating online revenue streams and expanding e-commerce stores in a pandemic world

Creative ideas for local businesses. Big business is pivoting. Are you? What’s going to sell big in a pandemic world?* Things you can do at home or nearby to home. Things that improve your home or home life, a shift to cozy and comfortable, to luxury at home. For those that want to get away, trips are probably not an option, but parking an RV on your own land or rustic state or federal land, or your boat on a…

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Shoppable Landing Pages Constant Contact

Using Constant Contact Shoppable Landing Pages to get your business online fast

Take control of your business right now, keep showing up for your customers, plus two secret tips for priority inbox email delivery AND social share (for free) that rivals boosted posts Did you know that you can deploy a super fast online store using Constant Contact marketing platform with shoppable landing pages? Yep. If you’re currently trying to figure out how to get online with courses, with products or even with services, this is probably one of the fastest ways…

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Face everything - getting your business online fast, website trainer, wordpress trainer squarespace developer

Business crisis: face everything and rise

False Evidence Appearing Real or Face Everything And Rise. Either way, it spells FEAR. How to quickly mitigate the lockdown orders for your business, transition to online and create a future revenue stream that will serve your business past crisis We are IN this, friends. We’re in it. It’s like nothing any of us have ever experienced.  Mood waffles between panic and calm, between “do all the things” and sit on the couch, binge Netflix and eat popcorn. Our kids…

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Put your business online FAST

Getting your business online in a hurry, part two

Blog roundup of WordPress, SquareSpace, PayPal and social media tips to get your business selling online, fast These are trying times, so every day, we’ll publish more free or low cost ideas to get your business online for what looks like an extended stay. Some are from existing blog posts For everyone: Change your website headers Change your social media plans Focus on how you can help your clients get through this, personally, professionally, emotionally Be helpful, be human Go…

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Get your business online fast

Get your business online in a hurry!

Platforms, tech and creative ideas to build your brick and mortar art + sewing + craft business online store If you’ve been putting off that online store, you’re realizing that being online is a really smart idea. In the best of times, it creates a second channel, open 24/7 that anyone, anywhere can access. But the onerous task of tallying inventory, taking photos and managing a digital + physical store is probably what made you avoid it in the first…

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How to put your conference online using WordPress

How to move your conference online quickly: tools, tech, plan for associations and conferences

Tools, tech, plan for associations and conferences that need to get online, and FAST Hosting a conference this spring and early summer? Worried about what you’re going to do now that everyone is quarantined? You have great options that can not only get you back in business, but will add increased revenue for your association for years to come. You’ll need three things: A dedicated membership system on your website that allows for your members to log in to access…

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Building quarantine resilience in your online, brick & click businesses

(and what to do about your trade shows and in-person events) It’s here. We’re already going virtual in our community. 17 fast tips to get your business online and maximize connection with your customers at this challenging time. Online retailers: You’ll weather this much easier!  But you can also maximize people staying home by ramping up your social efforts. Building community and connectedness online in groups, videos and online courses is the way to both serve your customer and your…

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How to create an Instagram landing page for SquareSpace in three easy steps

A landing page is a web page that allows you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead-capture form. They are crucial when it comes to turning prospective customers into legitimate leads. An Instagram  landing page helps you direct and convert visitors from Instagram to content and conversions on your website. Landing pages are the foundation of a marketer’s lead generation efforts. Why? Because it’s one of the most effective ways to generate leads! Your offer needs a place to…

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