I attended a lengthy session at an international conference put on by a well-known speaker who spent 1.5 hours telling us all the technical ins and outs of content optimization using various metrics and tactics. His entire program can be boiled down to this: create offers designed for and matched to your MOST SEARCHED pieces of content.  Not to take away the amazing data-driven presentation, blasted through 90 slides in a room of 300 people (it was great), but most entrepreneurs need a simple task. While identifying those tasks we will also teach you how how to create an offer for a high performing blog post to increase conversions.

Here’s yours:

  1. Dive in to your analytics – if you’re on WordPress, you can use Analytify to pull in your Google Analytics data. Squarespace, use the Traffic analytics section. Or you can go to Google Analytics (if you need help finding this, message us!)
  2. Search for your top performing pages. Select pages other thanproduct pages, list these top performers. You can pick one, two, three, or half a dozen. Just choose the ones that have performed the best over 1 month, 6 months and 12 months’ time, consistently.
  3. Identify the topic of this blog/content page and brainstorm 3-4 potential topics that go along with this. Choose your favorite.
  4. Identify the best format for the offer you brainstormed – is it a how-to video? A guide? A checklist?
    1. Whatever that format of that offer, craft an outline for it. 
    1. Write/practice and record/develop the offer
    1. Create a form in your favorite CRM or marketing automation software
    1. Attach this (protected, not available publicly on your website) offer to that form*
    1. Embed the form on the highly searched page on your website
  5. Monitor the traffic and the conversions to this form using your CRM/marketing automation/email platform’s software to see how many conversions you’re getting over a 30-day time period. If you want to test, switch the offer to another one (matched to the content on the page) and see if that one performs better over 30 days.

The goal is to match the BEST performing pages you already have with how to create an offer for a high performing blog post to increase conversions.

Wait, can’t I just use another offer I already have? 

Maybe. If you have one perfectly matched to the topic in the page, yes. The reason the offer and the page have to be matched together is that is what the searcher came for. If you wrote about pant fitting for sewists and you have an offer that is for wardrobe planning, while that’s also a valuable topic, a quick 3-step Pant Fitting Guide is a MUCH more relevant offer here than the wardrobe tool. If you wrote about puberty curriculum for 5thgraders, having an offer about how parents can talk about puberty is awesome, but a better one is the 5thgrade puberty curriculum sample lesson.  If you’re helping people create an Instagram landing page without LinkTree, using their own or free website tools, then having an Instagram offer on that page (such as taking better photos for Instagram) is a much better offer than a social media planning template.

You can continually create better converting content by having offers that are matched to your top performing pages. If you have a top converting offer, and you don’t have pages to match to it, write some. If you have top performing pages but you don’t have offers, create some.

I hate writing, what can I create?

Maybe you have an inspirational offer comprised entirely of photos and a few captions. Maybe you could produce a how-to video, served from your website or private Facebook group, not YouTube. 

I hate being on video, what can I create?

A checklist, a click-through-video (where you’re not on the screen yourself), photographic how-to, gallery of inspiration, or written content all works if you are not comfortable on video.

I’m a terrible photographer, what can I create?

Written content is great. You can learn to take better photos here and here. You can also create a checklist. If you don’t want to produce a how-to in your computer, you can produce hand-drawn content (add your branding on a cover and package the whole thing up as PDF.) Sometimes a whiteboard sketch is all you need. Branding the cover polishes the whiteboard-style content. 

The key is to have something valuable, relevant to offer in exchange for your customer’s marketing information. This is the way you build an email list that you own. And a list you own is much more valuable than just social followers. It can be used to not only email, but you can use it to create lookalike audiences for social advertising.

This technique is easy to to master, and once you create offers for your top content, you can invigorate other content by rewriting, editing and producing new offers for lesser-performing content that you’d like to level up. 

The goal is to maximize your existing best-performing content into a lead-capture machine, then use that list to send targeted, useful email to nurture your relationship with your customer. 

Interested in hearing more? Check out our YouTube video here.

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