Cathy “Coco” Rogers is a talented sewing pattern designer with a flair for Hollywood glamour. Her two lines of sewing patterns, the Heroine’s Closet, based on classic “old Hollywood” patterns updated for modern wearing, and the Naughty Bobbin classics, featuring easy-to-sew comfortable patterns are exceptionally drafted, well-thought-out patterns with unique details. Coco herself exudes Hollywood glamour and is comfortable on video – a rarity in the sewing pattern designer community. When she contacted Marketing Acuity she was looking to improve her Instagram presence with both better photography and a strategy. Ann also coached Cathy on product pricing strategy, increasing revenue after the first week of coaching, and developed a marketing strategy she could manage. Some entrepreneurs find managing multiple channels to be overwhelming, so concentrating on doing ONE of them well is key. Adding additional channels helps broaden the customer base and the type of communication you can do with them. We updated Naughty Bobbin’s SquareSpace site, provided brand strategy for Instagram, coached Cathy through a brand-new photography setup in her studio and worked on pricing strategy.

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