What am I working on this summer? Your website! At first I typed webstie and that sounds like bestie website and I’m going with it. I’m working on your webstie, bestie!

It’s been a busy summer of websites. I relaunched Touchstone Distributing, a DeWitt, MI based manufacturer of high quality ceramic interpretive jewelry and pendants. I first designed the Touchstone websites back in 2015, and Paul, the owner is back, with two new people – husband and wife Amy and Nathan, and Amy is co managing the relaunched site with Ann. I LOVE it when we have techie clients and it’s been a joy to redesign this site. New this time is online ordering for wholesale customers, and this required a switch from SquareSpace to WordPress because SS doesn’t have the kind of tiered pricing for their wholesale users that we needed.

I also launched Lakeridge Human Services. Again, another project, from 2012, revisited anew for a new decade, the Lakeridge team is expanding their services into co-occurring disorder treatment (mental illness and substance abuse, hence the term co-occurring, since they occur together almost all the time). The new site features photography and videography by a Detroit area based videographer that we LOVED working with. I’ll share more in an upcoming blog post on that.

I’m always working on helping entrepreneurs start or expand their businesses, and to that end, I’m helping Julie Taibor from Dolce Italian Bakehouse, Julie Schaefer from Explore Travel by Design, Janet Smith from Janet Smith Dog Training all expand their businesses online this summer, with website updates or new redesign projects. I already work with a LOT of women entrepreneurs and continue to pursue this passion area.

Also new this year is working (again!) with DALMAC – the epic Lansing to Mackinaw Bike Ride series. I last worked with them in 2015 and they returned this year for marketing and web development, so I just took over site management of the DALMAC.org site in August of this year. It’s going to be a FUN RIDE (pun intended!) working on this all next year, too.

Can’t forget to tell you that I love working with entrepreneur Wendy Sellers who is the author of the Puberty: The Wonder Years curriculum. Wendy and I have worked together since 2012 and we continue to explore new ground and push new boundaries for her website and new product initiatives. Wendy is a dynamo and she gets more done in the same amount of time as me – and that’s high praise!

I welcomed Oade, Stroud and Kleiman to the fold and am managing their website now as well, after an early summer redesign of their site. Working with lawyers is efficient – they are very fast moving and to the point. It’s refreshing to get everything to the point and get it done! That I get to work with women lawyers is terrific!

I continue to help Betsy McCluskey from McCluskey HR Plus grow her business. She’s officially launching a business she’s had over a year now, and when we first started working together, she had a totally different business, did a pivot 180 degrees into a field she’d worked in on the corporate side for her entire career. Betsy is a noted national speaker in her industry and is continually expanding her client roster with larger projects at a high level.

I had the pleasure of launching the social media and branding for Deana LeFevre, a real estate agent for higher end properties based in Houston. I designed her DNA (aka Deana…) logo, all her social branding and help her with social media strategy this spring. Look for more in the portfolio in the fall (her logo is very modern / arty.)

I just finished the redesign for Haslett Okemos Kiwanis website and am now embarking on strategic marketing planning with the organization. Service clubs have so much to offer our community and the people in it, and they do so much for us. Sharing their story is a joy – and helping them share it even wider is the task ahead.

I did training for Carrie Holland at Fit Life with Carrie Holland this spring too. Carrie’s a physician who now works with mom physicians to help them stay fit, healthy and performing well. Carrie really wanted to LEARN how to do stuff on her website and I took her through everything she needed to know to get to the next level. I can help YOU level up, too.

That’s just the summer update! I’ll be updating the portfolio for the year (the cobbler’s children never have shoes…) sometime in September after school starts again.

If you want to work with me to redesign your website, refresh your marketing strategy or finally LEARN stuff so you feel empowered to do your own marketing, I can help you. Even more than that, it is a JOY to me to help you do that. I have found my passion and my calling helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and I’d love to help you. Best way to get me is to email me directly from my contact page. You can message me on Facebook too or even text me at 517-402-8500.