What size should you make your images for social media for 2022? We are sharing a resource we know you’ll love – and it’s from our friends at the marketing software platform Constant Contact. Here’s a handy guide from our friends at Constant Contact:

Why should you invest the time in creating sizes for each individual channel? After all, most are pretty similar right? Like our blog post about optimizing images BEFORE you use them in your website or blog, correctly creating social images is important!

Pinterest is a great example, the taller, wider, bigger images of Pinterest have evolved, and now we’re up to 1000×1500. But, too, Instagram squares re 1080×1080 and stories are 1080×1900! That’s big!

When you TAKE your images, factor in that you may be cropping edges out for various sizes – and take some that work for the long but not tall headers for your website, blog, Twitter header as well as your Facebook headers too.

Here’s an example of how a social image has morped over the last 2 years:

New Pin size 1000 x 1500
Old pin size 640×896

Why the changes? Our mobile devices are ever larger! The bigger sizes hold more resolution for larger devices. I know it’s a joke how big the phones are (and if you’re my size, you got a standard phone not the plus because it won’t fit in your jeans pocket, and it still BARELY fits in the jeans pocket.)

Optimizing your images for new sizes doesn’t mean you have to go back to all the old ones, just start now, refresh your new ones!