Expert Interviews

Expert interviews are a great source of content for many different reasons. Experts offer information that will be valuable to your audience. You can direct questions that are relevant to your niche. For example, you can ask about a current event, a problem in the industry or how they feel about a particular topic. Another benefit of conducting an expert interview is how convenient and simple it is to do. The expert only needs to have video call software, such as skype, to sit down for thirty minutes and have a conversation. You can even conduct the interview over the phone.

Now, who are the sort of people you would want to interview? Find someone who has established a substantial amount of credibility in your respective niche. Think about what your audience wants to hear and then look for the person whose opinion and ideas would align with that criteria. Authors are a great source of expert interviews (especially if they have a book on the subject). Expert interviews are great for your business because they establish credibility and people will more than likely share your interview, gaining more exposure.

Sharing Your Wins and Losses

People love hearing a good success story. Being transparent with your audience builds trust and authenticity which is especially important online. Tell your story by highlighting how your business failed forward to become successful. It’s amazing how your transparency can inspire someone else through their journey. People like to feel a personal connection and by sharing your mistakes, they are better able to connect with you.

The art of storytelling is one of the greatest skills a blogger can possess. If you can share stories that guide people through a scenario, they will become more invested in you and your brand. When sharing your wins and losses, it doesn’t exactly have to be about your business. You can talk about a time you had to overcome a personal challenge and the lessons you learned that ultimately helped you with your business.

Vlogging Tutorials

Six billion hours of video is watched on YouTube every month. It’s evident that people enjoy watching videos and also are fond of sharing them. Vlogging is a great way to produce a good amount of content in a short period of time. This is because videos usually don’t require much effort. It’s just you, or someone else in your business, talking to a camera. Another reason to begin vlogging is people are far more engaged with videos than reading text. People want information quickly as possible and watching a video will almost always be faster than reading text.

Videos are the best platform to give demonstrations and tutorials about a subject. Think about problems people may have that are related to your niche. Providing the solution through video will gain lots of attention and exposure. In return, your brand will achieve more credibility and customers will have much more trust with you. Vlogging tutorials can be a walkthrough with interactive elements or direct instruction. The main goal is to clearly demonstrate the solution to a problem by being as simple and effective as possible.

Not only do people love videos, but so does SEO. In recent years, more and more people have been searching for videos. This means by creating vlogs, your chances of ranking higher in search results are increased.

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