Have you ever wanted to interview an influencer in your industry but don’t know where to start?  Look no further!  It can be an intimidating process and we are here to make it a little easier.  Here are Marketing Acuity’s 6 best tips on how to conduct the best interview for your video blog.

1) Do your research

     Do not wing it.  I repeat, do NOT wing it!  The best interviews are done after hours of research.  Here are some questions to think about:

  • Who will you be interviewing?
  • How can they help your audience?
  • What ‘new’ do the bring to the table?
  • How can they help/endorse your business/company?
  • Do they have a strong following?

2) Quality over Quantity

We have all listened to boring hosts asking dull, lifeless questions. Bring your interview to life!  Boring questions yield boring answers.  Be sure to avoid yes or no questions like your life depended on it.  Ask questions that lead the interviewee into a story; into a deeper conversation.  It’s scientifically proven that we remember stories easily.  A study by Paul J. Zak showed that our brain produces a chemical oxytocin when we feel empathy, which happens when we hear and connect with a story.  This feeling makes people more likely to help others or contribute to an organization.  Its not just marketing, its science!

3) Listen

Don’t just nod a smile, be engaged!  Immerse yourself into the interviewee’s story which in and of itself will give you more content to use.  It’s perfectly okay to jot down some notes for more conversation points.

Listening will show to your audience and guest that you are fully engaged.  If the interviewee doesn’t sense your engagement, you will receive an average performance.  We want to leave a remarkable impression, not an adequate one!

4) And the winner is…

As the saying goes, save the best for last.  End the session with a moral of the story or a lesson the audience should have learned.  Have the interviewee give their final thoughts and parting advice.  Give the audience key ideas to leave with!

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