Live video for small business owners is key for developing a personal relationship with your customers. Live video, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, offers you the chance to speak nearly real-time with your customers through their comments and likes, but also allows you to take them behind the scenes. Customers love this!

We take our clients’ customers behind the scenes all the time in live video, and for one client, we’ve developed a regular, weekly broadcast that their customers have come to love and look forward to. Plus, you can extend the use of video to your web site. With engagement above the typical written blog, the video blog  – easily achieved by archiving the live video to the blog page and writing a summary –  is another way to reuse live video content.


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We use a few inexpensive and easy to use tools for this:

1) Smartphone (we’re using an iPhone7)

2) Lavalier mic – in this case a corded one from PowerDeWise (under $20 from Amazon)

3) Slik aluminium tripod – in the $125 – 250 range, although other brands are cheaper

4) MeFoto 360  tripod adapter $35 (Amazon)

For under $200 you can be completely set up with a live video system that will work for social media marketing.


Planning out your live broadcasts (and letting your customer know when you’ll be on line) is key – download this handy week-by-week social media planning template. 

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