Effective internet marketing. What does that really mean? What if all of your online activities were aligned to create not just traffic, but leads? What if all of your internet marketing activities drove prospects to your web site (your hub of your hub-and-spoke model of marketing) where you could educate, inform, excite and capture their contact information for further marketing?

Let’s dissect these charts below:

These are ACTUAL client metrics. Prior to starting an inbound marketing program, this client averaged 170-220 visits (as seen in their Google Analytics account) every month for years. This client blogged about once or twice a month, posted a few things on Twitter, LinkedIN and Facebook several times per month. They had traffic. And they were not capturing a single lead, nor were they nurturing them.

Fast forward a few months, and you can see that they have not only TRIPLED visitors, but they are now capturing leads from their web site! Ninety-four visitors have viewed their landing pages and 21 have submitted their marketing contact information to reach a 22% conversion goal (an awesome stat right there!)

This client is a Lansing-based business with under 10 employees. The classic definition of a small business, by everyone’s standards.

What could your business do if it tripled the visitors to your web site and hit a 22% conversion goal per month?  If you were like this client, that would be five new contacts to reach out to, to contact again for the purposes of engaging in conversation. To nurture until they become paying clients.

Effective internet marketing drives traffic to the web site hub of your organization. It helps you collect and nurture those visitors that are already searching for your product or service. It gets you closer to the sale, faster.

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