Learn how to create a custom SquareSpace product page – it’s easy! SquareSpace is an easy-to-use web site platform that has integrated commerce and a unique interface for editing. SquareSpace does offer a basic product grid with it’s interface, but most clients wish to customize the product page with more than just a product grid and a clickable category listing. In this video, we show you how to create a custom product page using Summary Blocks.

SquareSpace Custom Product Page how-to video:

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 9.23.35 AM.png
1) In your SquareSpace editor, create a brand new SquareSpace page (it will be unlinked for now, in the Unlinked section of your content list)
2) Add a text block with headline and some opening copy
3) Add a Summary Block Grid style page
4) Customize the product grid
5) Customize your options, including number of products (30 max, see our video for creative ways to work around this one!), the distance between them, the number of products per row, and how you want them to show up
6) Save!
7) Move the product engine (the page with the $ before it in the content list) to unlinked section
8) Move your new product page up to linked section and test
You can feel free to customize your new custom a SquareSpace product page however you want – add a blog section to feature a few blogs, add images, a video embed – make it work hard for your business.

Design Tips for your custom SquareSpace Product Page:

  • Use a 3-column product grid (studies show it’s more effective!)
  • Put your most popular products up top by using tag filters in your summary blocks

Think like your customer!

The custom product page allows you to think like a customer – what do they need to know to make a buying decision, and what reinforces that decision. You don’t want too many distractions, but you also don’t want them to leave having not purchased a product.
Think of what information they need to clinch the buying decision. Do they need a customer testimonial? A product user video? More photos? A coupon block? You want to give them *just* what they need, but not too much.

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