The introvert’s guide to live video

Most small business owners are good at their thing – whatever they do – and they gravitate to that based on their personality (in many ways). So what do you do if you’re an introvert and you need to embrace live video for your business? Are you worried that you suddenly need to become an extrovert to succeed in business in this new social live video era? While having some extroverted qualities is important for success as an entrepreneur (many of the best are ambiverts), it’s not critical. Many introverts feel perfectly comfortable interacting with one person or a small group of trusted friends. This is how you need to think of live video for your business.

In this video still below, I’m in Miami covering a conference live.  It’s windy, there’s a fountain. It’s about 89 degrees out and I’m sweaty.  This video got great engagement for our client. I purposefully snipped a shot when I’m not standing still and smiling (which is how I open every video). 


Understand what your audience wants

Your audience wants to be connected to your brand. They want to learn about new products, how-tos, behind-the-scenes as well, but they most want to connect to your brand. And for most entrepreneurs, that brand is YOU!

Think about your customer when you are on live video

When we do video for our clients, we actually picture a customer in our minds. You don’t even have to make this up – go visit their profile in Facebook or Instagram or Linkedin and SEE who they are. Pull them up in your head and speak to them and what they want. For one client’s videos, I’m speaking to Marcy, Renee, Karen and Sharon. If you don’t know who your customer is and what motivates them, ask them. Conduct a Persona Interview  or survey  and understand who they are. Use your social analytics to see demographics and engagement. If you understand who they are, and  answer questions they are asking, your video will resonate with them.

Plan, plan, plan

The more you plan, the better your video will come out. You should plan how you’ll begin, what you’ll cover, how long to go over each item and how you’ll wrap up. You may want to start by answering a single question from a customer – go simple. Answer that question in one video. Then, move on to the next question in a subsequent video.

Don’t script

Wait, we said plan! Why not script? Because scripts come off as forced, they have to be practiced endlessly to make them sound even remotely authentic, and your audience wants authentic. What you do want to do is a limited practice with cues. If you plan and create cues for yourself such as “Opening welcome, product features one at a time, how to purchase and our special customer deal”, you’ll be able to speak naturally with these cues and not look forced.

Be authentic

If your video feels scripted, it will not be authentic and live video works because of it’s authenticity. Customers love connecting with people, experiences and brands that reflect their personal interests and tastes.

Accept less than perfect

Live video is live. It’s not going to be perfect. The UPS guy is going to come in and drop off a package at some point during a live video. You might flub over some sentences. In a nutshell, here are all of the things that have happened during a live video:

  • A colleague had his music on his phone playing as he walked by
  • The UPS guy dropped off a package
  • The office dog went bezerk (at the UPS guy)
  • The view screen on the phone we were recording with had a smudge on it and we spent the first four minutes of a video blurry, asking customers if we looked blurry.
  • The recording device (phone) dropped
  • The mic was not clipped on (it was recording, from across the room)
  • We’ve dropped product, we’ve messed up our demonstration or how to
  • We’ve given entirely the wrong instructions in a video!

And clients love it. They comment every week on how great the videos are and how much they love it. We come into their lives each week and they appreciate that we speak to them and share with them.

Want to know more? Download our Video Rocks Guide for Small Business – how to maximize live and recorded video for your business: