When it comes to purchasing a product or service, customers want to see exactly what they’re getting. Nothing tells the story quite like an engaging video. Video marketing has the power to lure in potential customers unlike any other form of marketing. Maximize your marketing reach and grow sales with video marketing.

The statistics on video marketing speak for themselves. Hubspot found that 78 percent of people watch online videos every week and 55 percent watch them daily. Next to Google, YouTube is the second most trafficked website on the internet. This should give you an idea of how popular online videos have become. Video content is no longer a “tactic” but an entire strategy for showcasing your business.

You can utilize video marketing to increase traffic and sales in a variety of ways. Explaining how to use your product and describing all of the features and functionality will help potential customers become more comfortable with your brand. Recording and sharing happy customer reviews is a form of content that will go a long way. Using video helps create a story around your business that will enhance brand awareness leading to more traffic and sales.

Types of Videos You Should Create

The potential for video content ideas is only limited by your imagination. Once you have a solid understanding of what your potential customers want and need then you can brainstorm what type of video content will resonate with them most.

Here are some video content ideas you can create to engage your audience and increase sales:

Short Marketing Videos

You don’t need a fancy camera or an entire video production team to make great marketing videos. To make high-quality videos, all you need is a smartphone or computer and a vision. Short videos are a great way to test the waters. You can address common consumer questions, share your business mission and values, or announce the release of a new product. Sometimes short, concise videos work best for getting consumers to trust your brand.

Facebook or Instagram Live

With the emergence of live video, there’s no need to pre-record your videos. All you need to get started with live video is a social media account, such as Facebook and Instagram, and a webcam or smartphone. Plan your message, log into your social media account, and go live. Not only can you talk to your followers in real-time, but you can then share your live video on social media to be recreated into more content. Live video is very interactive and a great way for followers to connect with your brand. You can even download some live video (depending on the social platform) and use it on other platforms

Story-Based Videos

These types of videos can be most effective for a couple different reasons. These videos don’t just describe your product, but they create a narrative around your brand that potential customers will remember.

A great example of this is the Nike shoe ads. They don’t just focus on the features and benefits of the shoe. They show people playing sports and having fun with friends, all while wearing Nike shoes. This approach demonstrates the enjoyment on the actor’s face which is all customers need to see to be convinced that Nike products will improve their life.

With story-based videos, you can create that sense of connection with your potential customers.

Installation or Product Manual Videos

Nobody likes to read a lengthy manual. It can often lead to confusion and frustration. By creating a product set-up or installation video, you can visually explain to customers how to set up their new product. These videos need to be simple and concise as possible. Keeping to the point is the best way to keep customers engaged.

Customers are constantly searching for information about products they are already using. Having videos based off their common questions is exceptional for search engine optimization (SEO). By solving the right problem and implementing the proper keywords, your set-up video will reach the top of search results.

Video marketing for business is more important now than ever before. The power of video marketing continues to increase and plays a crucial role for your business. We challenge you to capitalize on video marketing to either grow your audience or increase sales. If you need any assistance with brainstorming or creating a video, please reach out to us, we’d love to help.