How to increase lead generation by using video blogs

Everyone knows that in order to make money and generate revenue, a business needs to acquire customers and convince people to purchase their product or services. At some point in time every customer in every business begins as a lead, meaning that they were at one point: considering a purchase, or have shown interest in purchasing your product or services.

The process of actively attracting and gathering leads for your business is known among marketers as lead generation. The way a business generates its leads varies from business to business, but companies that rely on digital marketing strategies and the Internet to find leads most commonly refer to the term.

This means that all businesses from e-commerce to brick-and-click retailers, or even B2B service companies, need to generate leads from the Internet in order to acquire more customers or clients. The way a company succeeds at lead generation through digital marketing efforts is by generating consistent, relevant and accurate content that attracts visitors to your website, with the end goal of eventually converting these leads into customers.

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One way that your business can generate more leads and traffic to your site is through video blogging. Creating a video blog campaign can be a fresh new take on the content that your company is delivering to prospective or current customers. Traditional written blogs have often been a common strategy for attracting visitors, ranking higher for keywords with SEO, and delivering content to a potential customer base.


Video blogs are a way to generate even more traffic, but more importantly they benefit you and your customers in these three ways:

  1. They are easier and faster to create than written blogs. In the long run, you will spend less time creating the video blogs and generate more leads in the time spent.
  1. They are easier and faster to watch for the viewer. Potential and current customers or clients can watch and absorb the information quicker than when reading a written blog. Some people may be more inclined to watch knowing that they can do it faster.
  1. By transcribing the video you can essentially create a written blog for the video blog, which can help with the SEO and keyword ranking that a written blog normally provides for your site.

Video has many advantages and possibilities, which makes it something that every company should attempt to explore. It is as simple as using a smart phone camera and delivering some content and providing a “face-to-face” image for your customer base. This face-to-face video interaction that shows your customers who they are dealing with can build the trust and assurance needed to convert a lead into a customer.

Creating a YouTube page for your business and posting your videos to your blog, website, and sharing on social media are the easiest ways to begin to generate views, and these should be the basis for your video blogging strategy.

If you have a Facebook page or group, you can create video or record live video segments, archive them to Facebook’s video section and embed these into your blog posts the same way. These can then also be pinned to Pinterest, shared on Instagram and Twitter. Repurposing your video blog content is a great way to get a lot of mileage from them.


We have already witnessed first hand what the kind of results that a video blog campaign can generate. Learn more by downloading our free video blog case study:

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