Storytelling and video are two key practices you can use to up your marketing game. What many people don’t realize is that when you marry storytelling and video you can create a marketing tool with a big reach and bigger results.

One of the most unique and engaging pieces of content you can put out for your own business is video content. We have talked about videos in many past blogs such as:

In this blog our goal is to show you the tips and tricks you can use to utilize storytelling in your video content.

There are three main pieces to this blog:

  1. Storytelling: What is it and how can it help you?
  2. Video Content: How does it really help your business?
  3. The Sum Product: Combine the two and what do you create?

StorytellingWhat is it and how can it help you?

As mentioned in the first paragraph there are many things that keep a business relevant in the ever-changing marketplace. Your business can be promoted on social media, on your website, in emails, and many more areas. But what makes your business stand out? How do you differentiate your business and stick out to your audience? The answer is storytelling!

It’s quite simple, as people, as we are all drawn to stories for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, a well-told story is engaging. When we hear about other people’s experiences it’s a natural human tendency to relate what they are saying to an experience we have had ourselves. By telling a story for your brand, product, or new launch, your audience has a platform to resonate with your brand right from the jump.

Good storytelling also elicits emotion! Think of those Superbowl commercials of sad puppies in the kennels where the humane society is encouraging you to adopt a dog and bring them home. This is a prime example of storytelling that elicits emotion because it pulls on the heartstrings of everyone.

Now you may be thinking, my business’s videos aren’t going to be backed by Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” – but that’s okay! Every brand, product, or initiative has a story behind it and it’s your job to unlock that potential. No matter the story, your audience will be able to relate to the information you share.

Video Creation: How does it really help your business?

Regardless if you love being in front of the camera or hate it; video content is here and it’s not going anywhere. We reported in a previous blog that HubSpot found more than 78% of people watch videos every week and 55% watch them daily. That stat is from over a year ago and it’s safe to assume those percentages have only increased since.

YouTube, Facebook Videos, streaming services like Netflix, Twitch – these are all places where videos are watched. On top of that, videos are constantly streaming, constantly playing, and constantly being consumed. By creating video content you’re allowing your business to make contact with more of your potential audience. 

Videos increase traffic, and if done correctly, can increase sales as well. Here are some examples of videos you can create:

  • How to use a product you’re offering
  • The origin stories of a new product you are launching 
  • Interviewing consumers you have a close relationship with about your brand 

The list only goes on from there! The point is video content is in high demand and offers you and your business a lot of flexibility to make creative and engaging videos.

The Sum Product: Combine the two and what do you create?

Perhaps after reading the last two sections you may be seeing the writing on the wall. Yes, storytelling and video content go hand-in-hand. There are no videos more engaging than those that can offer a story. Videos require very little work from the audience – they don’t need to read and all they need to do is watch and listen to absorb your message.

So how can you combine the two together to create a story-centric video marketing juggernaut? Well, there are a few ideas you could utilize:

Plan out your video using a story arc

All good stories have a beginning, middle, and end. This is what many refer to as the story arc. Max, one of our interns, was given the opportunity to sit-in on a presentation from Dave Zilko, Michigander and co-founder of Garden Fresh, who said the story arc is one of the most valuable tools an entrepreneur can use when promoting their business. 

All stories have a beginning, a climax, and a closing act. How you can set up your video to tick off each of those three boxes? Let’s use a product launch as an example. First, start off by introducing the product and where you initially got the idea. Transition into the specifications of the product and tie in your story more, building up to the climax, perhaps that’s where you made the realization this product needed to be created. Then, end the video on a closing note by wrapping everything together; tell the audience the end to your story and relate it back to the product.

Build your videos around emotionally enticing stories:

This ties back to the Dog Pound Superbowl commercials. Videos that tell an emotionally rich story are hard to pry your eyes away from.

Even small stories where you express what inspired you to create a new product or launch a new initiative can be heavily rooted in emotion. That emotion is potent and relatable. By expressing it to your audience, they are given more avenues to learn more about your company and what you represent.

Many entrepreneurs, for example, find influence from their surroundings. Perhaps your latest and greatest product was inspired by a member of your family. Tie in that emotion into your story and people will hone in.

Get creative!

Another awesome plus to video content is that you can be as creative as you want. With so many free video content editors out there, the possibilities are endless. Use filters, stickers, visual enhancements to emphasize areas of focus, make your videos stick out!

A strange, but unique video ad that came to mind was the Doritos ad at the Super Bowl this year featuring a flat Matthew McConaughey. If you haven’t seen it yet, give it a watch here. While your budget may not be bolstered by an award winnings actor and a full production company, this video is an excellent example of a creative video that tells a story. Matthew is hungry, and by eating new Dorito’s 3D “chips” he regains his 3D shape.

Be short, but precise

One of the biggest mistakes many entrepreneurs make when utilizing storytelling in their videos is drawling on and on and on about a story. Videos are not podcasts, you want to ensure your audience remains engaged to what you have to say.

Don’t do that!! Be precise, plan out the KEY POINTS you need to address and build up from there. Once you record your video take the time to watch and revise. Is your message getting through? Is your story too detailed?

It’s the little things that count.

Video creation is no easy feat, but it’ll give you a huge leg up in the marketing world. On top of that, creating GOOD videos is even more important. Utilize the storytelling tips provided in this blog to up your video marketing game.

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