How to evaluate a landing page, ad or billboard in 3 seconds or less!

The effectiveness of your marketing communications all depends on how effectively the message is being communicated. As marketers, we all know this. So why is it we still produce materials that contain too much copy, don’t put the key message right in the headline and use obscure photo or graphic messages as visual references?

When you evaluate your next marketing piece – whether that be an advertisement, a landing page, a billboard or a post card, try this easy test.

1. Print out the document

2. Take it into a colleague

3. Hand it to them

4. Count to three (one-Mississippi, two-Mississippi, three-Mississippi)

5. Then rip it out of their hands. (This is quite funny the first time you do it, but they’ll get the drill for the next one.)

Now, ask them what they remember from the ad, landing page, post card or billboard. If they haven’t captured your critical message, it’s time to revisit that piece.

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