Social media agencies – typically an ad agency or digital marketing agency with social media certified staff – are a new breed of agency that is focusing in on all aspects of social media marketing. Beyond Twitter and Facebook, social media encompasses all of the social aspects of content marketing, including blogging, e-mail, vlogging (video blogging), Pinterest.

Tumblr, as well as our traditional social networks of twitter, facebook and linkedIN. Your social media agency should, as part of development or augmentation of your marketing strategy, develop a social media strategy. These typically include:

  •  Social message by market
  • Content sharing by market
  • Content development by keyword/business area
  • Content editorial calendars (including blogging, social posting and e-mail)
  • Timing, frequency and network usage
  • Sample posts
  • Metrics and measurement

The agency may be responsible for creating all the content that is posted to your social networks. They will follow appropriate people and organizations that are compatible with yours, they will share content that is interesting to your followers, they will write, design and post on your behalf. They will report results back to you on a regular basis.

A digital marketing agency specializing in social media marketing as part of their services to clients will likely be responsible for your brand on all social channels. The personality they post with will be critical to the development of your brand, so monitor this carefully. Many social agencies, in the beginning, will pre-plan content for your brand and have you approve it before posting. As you and they become comfortable with how you like things done, they will likely just post as they go, following the social media strategy at all times.

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