Are you wondering how to promote your business and services but don’t know where to start? Creating a unique Facebook group could be the answer you’re looking for!  Facebook groups are a great way to network and engage with other businesses, customers, or professionals.  Who you target is based on what you want to gain.  Creating a group aimed at existing customers will be centered on customer service, help and advice, and seeing exactly what your customers like and dislike.  When a group is focused more so on networking, it’s based on relationships with professionals to lean and get new ideas.  Whoever your audience is, the same is true, it’s all about community.Fast Facts

Even though you created this Facebook group to grow and develop your business, it’s not all about you.  Facebook groups are about connecting with people and making meaningful relationships.  People crave community and love to talk about their goals and passions.  It’s not about making new friends; you’re still selling a product or service, but its focused more on the bigger picture.

If you haven’t started a group yet, but want to, one important tip is to create a group that is very niche.  This means that your group should be aimed to target a small group of people that share a passion about a certain product or service.  Small does not mean 10 people, it could mean 250, 1,000, 10,000 people or more, but the whole idea is that the group doesn’t try to please every user on Facebook.  Your product or service is specific to you and your business, don’t try to morph it in attempts make everyone happy, because that is simply impossible.

It also important to note that your product does not have to be absolutely perfect when you create a Facebook group.  The group could be helpful in getting new ideas about your product from your target audience, how incredible is that?

Once your group is created, invite people that are interested in your business and have them do the same.  I encourage you to invite people only, and not add them automatically.  Have you ever been added to a Facebook group you’re not interested in then get bombarded with notifications?  Don’t be that person! Let your audience decide for themselves.

When managing your group, share personal content that can help build relationships.  This doesn’t have to be your whole life story (nobody has time to read that)! However, people communicate through and easily remember stories, so storytelling is a great way to connect with your audience.

Share helpful content with your members whether it’s re-purposed content or a link to your blog. Just be sure you don’t come across as a pushy salesperson.  This content should be simple, easy, and directly help a problem your members are facing.  It is extremely important to engage consistently!

One last parting tip: maintain a set of rules that members are expected to follow.  Don’t be a drill sergeant; nobody likes to be told what to do. The rules will help maintain a balance and flow within the group.  Your goal should be to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere for all members and a brief guide on what is acceptable and what is not can help ensure that.

Need more help on creating the best Facebook group for your business?  Contact our team and see how we can grow your social media presence, set up a group and nurture it’s growth. You can also check out our blog post on building engaged communities online.