A blog should provide the right answers to buyer’s questions. Pictures and videos are a great way to visually express what you are writing about. When deciding on what pictures or videos to use in your blog, the most important thing is to keep it simple but unique. You want people visiting your page to be able to relate and easily grasp the content but also eager to come back and read more. Standing out from others can be difficult, that’s why having a blog that has unique pictures and videos can bring people back to you as well as attract other buyers to your page.

For example, if you are writing a blog or creating a website for a clothing line you want to attract the eye of the buyer. You need to present your clothing in clean and simple environment. You could use fabrics and tools you used to make your clothing, this relates to your topic and looks good to the buyers. Make them feel comfortable and familiar with you and your products. Use what is around you to create an attractive blog or website. If your blog is informative or consists of a checklist, take a picture of your laptop at your work place and make that a photo within your blog. It will look realistic to the buyers. If your customers can relate to you, they will trust you. Trust will attract the people who have been searching for your products and services.

Before adding your image to your page, it is essential to rename your image using your keywords. That way your blog has an even better chance of getting searched!

A frequently asked question bloggers ask is, where on the page should they put their images or videos? The best way to add your pictures to your blog is after your brief SEO-optimized paragraph. Placing your image beneath your SEO paragraph adds a overview of your blog. Visuals can either make or break your page so make sure your images are working for you not against you. Images and videos are the first thing people see when visiting your blog. Too much on one page can be confusing and cause the buyer to search for another page that’s easier to read. To keep the buyer, stay within the topic.

The few things that you should remember when adding pictures and videos to your blog is,

  • Make sure to be welcoming and stick to one topic
  • Use your working environment, this will make prospects trust you
  • You want your picture to work for you not against you
  • Add your image beneath your SEO-optimized paragraph
  • Rename your image using keywords

After adding your unique image to your blog continue to track your viewers and customers! You can do this through Hubspot tools, click on the link below to see how you can use tools to manage your business.


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