Did you know Google changed their search algorithms last year? That flew under the radar of most business owners and a few marketing directors. They are heavily emphasizing new, quality content on web sites over things like meta tags and keywords, and other ‘behind-the-scenes’ coding. If you want your company to rank under a particular long tail keyword search (such as engravable awards Lansing, Michigan, or insurance agent west Lansing or East Lansing chiropractor) you have to have fresh, new content on your website that uses those exact words in the title and in the body.

Further, you have to create this new content regularly. Fresh is best whether you’re talking about vegetables or content. Weekly wouldn’t be too often. Spinach wilts if it sits in the fridge too long. Content does not!

Content marketing is so critical, and so overlooked right now for one simple reason: it’s much harder to stay top ranked by creating new, interesting and fresh content than I was to stuff a site full of relevant code.

It also means that your rankings are guided not by the size of your Google Adwords budget, but by the size of your intellect. Simply put, you have to write great stuff that your prospects will love, and match that to the things they will search for to find you. And you have Content marketing can separate you from your competition in many ways.

  •  Allows you to ‘own’ a place in the market – your business is unique even if you have a
  •  Allows you to differentiate your business and talk about that differentiation, rather than just letting your customer make that inference on their own
  •  Enables you to target your audience right when they’re in a buying mood – at the point they’re searching for you, your web site is coming up with a match for those long-tail 
  • Helps you build credibility in the minds of your audience before they even walk in the door
  •  Allows you to market continuously to your existing client base with new information that
  •  Fills the social media channel with interesting things that invite conversation with your customers (another key aspect of the ranking algorithm)

Content creation for the purposes of marketing to our customers and prospects is a must-do for any business owner or marketing director who wants their company to succeed in a google-able world.

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