Blogging can provide businesses with opportunities and build leads. Most people believe that blogs are ineffective because they are mostly “journalizing.” But what they don’t know is that blogs can be very valuable in SEO and in marketing. Blogs can educate, inform, help, and even entertain.

Blogs can be useful for business because:

  • They bring traffic to your website
  • They help convert traffic to leads
  • They bring in long term results
  • Builds trust 

Before we get into how blogging can improve your business, lets go over the difference between a website and a blog. A website is a compilation of web pages on a server. A website can include articles, news, links, information, and even blogs. A blog is a website or part of a website that is updated frequently and is about a specific topic.

Blogging attracts people through search engines like Google, which can turn to possible leads. Blogging has become very popular and numerous tools have been created to make it easier for anyone to start. Blogging programs like Word press and Hubspot have made it easy to write articles for blogs because they do majority of the work for you. Many businesses share their how-to, experience and behind-the-scenes stories with their customers from their blogs.

To make your website work for your business, people need to find it. One way your website can be found is through search. The more pages and information your website has, the more likely it will be searched (and found.) So every time you post a new blog post, you are attracting more potential customers. This can also bring you more credibility in your industry. When you publish new blog posts you are bringing your website more traffic because, people can share it with others, comment, or even share it with others. This expands your SEO (search engine optimization) and can bring you closer to being a top search result.

By creating content and providing answers for people you will build trust. By establishing a trusting relationship with your customers, they will invest in you and even tell others about your business. The most attractive reason to start blogging for your business is it is a low-cost way to market. Once you create a blog post, it is on the Internet working for you to bring in new traffic continuously. A post you made five years ago can still bring in traffic today! Through blogs, you bring people to your website and generate leads that turn to life-long customers.

Every business should blog. Blogging boosts SEO and provides a cheaper and easier way to market. Not only are you generating traffic and bringing in leads, but you are also creating more content for your business that can bring you closer to your business web site being a top search result. By creating blogs, you will build an industry presence and gain trust from customers while build leads. If you want long-term results and a cheap but effective marketing strategy, start blogging!

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