How to create a collaborative marketing calendar using Google Calendar

Planning marketing activities using Google Calendar makes smart sense. You can also collaborate with others by adding them. This quick video tip includes a how to create a collaborative Google calendar to plan marketing events. Why plan marketing activities on a calendar? Most people have way too much on their to-do list to get it all done. Putting it on a calendar, forces you to be realistic about what you can get done – and it also keeps you on…

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SquareSpace Commerce versus WordPress + Woo Commerce, which should you choose?

SquareSpace versus WordPress + Woo Commerce: Which should you choose for your creative product business? Artists who sell jewelry, prints and gifts, creators who sell sewing patterns and fabric, are increasingly augmenting their online sales from Etsy and other online marketplaces and setting up shop on their own web sites. Which should you choose? We explore SquareSpace versus WordPress in this blog post. Both WordPress (with WooCommerce) and SquareSpace have their benefits and their drawbacks – considering one or the…

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Grow your business with email marketing [planning worksheet included]

In previous blog posts, we’ve emphasized the importance of email marketing and how it can grow your business. Since then, we created a worksheet that is going to help you achieve your email marketing goals. Our email strategy worksheet will allow you to see the growth potential of your revenue, website traffic, and other metrics using email marketing. First, we want to remind you the importance of email marketing. Email marketing is still one of the most effective and cost-efficient…

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Using Pinterest to Plan Your Business Goals

Pinterest is not a social media network. It’s a visual search engine. Surprised? It may also surprise you to know that like Google and Bing, search results for Pinterest drive more traffic to web sites than most other social channels combined! Can you use Pinterest to plan your business goals? Yep! If you’re looking for a place to store all those great online ideas and links you come across, Pinterest is great for that. But actively using Pinterest to plan…

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Visual Goal-Setting For Small Business Owners

If you can see your business goals, it will be easier to achieve them In 2016, I cut out and taped a magazine spread from AAA Living magazine to my home office door. Which, after the laughter dies down a bit, I’ll explain. The photo is of a 38-ish-foot sailboat sailing over crystal clear blue waters. You can see the shadow of the boat on the sand UNDER the water. It’s a magical thing. The title of the article is…

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What I learned Coaching Startups in Former Soviet Republic of Georgia

What I learned coaching startups in emerging markets (and how it applies to startups here in the United States) by Ann Siegle I mentored three startup companies in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia in 2018 and early 2019. Our team, headed by a longtime international development  & venture capitalist was comprised of 17 members. Some, like me, coached multiple startups enrolled in the program, and most had expertise in diverse areas of business, from high tech to bioengineering to…

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Staying Organized with Your Marketing Efforts

Staying organized with your marketing is probably one of the most important things about marketing. The first step to achieving your business goals is by organizing them. For example, you might want to increase monthly sales or capture more email subscribers. When you organize around your goals, you have given yourself the power to achieve them. Staying organized allows you to be more productive and consistent with your work. It ensures you’re getting the most out of every effort you…

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Which social media platform works best for your business?

Which social media platform works for your business? When looking at analytics and conversions on your web site, consider the WHOLE path, not just the last touch. Looking at analytics on your website, particularly sales conversion metrics, you might be tempted to say “look at that, Pinterest drives twice the traffic as Facebook, but we get 4X the sales from Facebook visitors, none from Pinterest; we should drop Pinterest!”  If you have a physical store, customers can walk in the…

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Why You Should Create A Content Calendar

Engaging content is the core of success when you are building your business. It increases brand awareness, encourages consumer engagement, and will move your website to the top of Google. So, how can you make all this possible? A content calendar is a perfect start to managing your content strategy. There are a couple of different types of content calendars. For example, a social media content calendar allows you to plan and strategize content for all your social media channels.…

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