False Evidence Appearing Real or Face Everything And Rise. Either way, it spells FEAR.

How to quickly mitigate the lockdown orders for your business, transition to online and create a future revenue stream that will serve your business past crisis

We are IN this, friends. We’re in it. It’s like nothing any of us have ever experienced.  Mood waffles between panic and calm, between “do all the things” and sit on the couch, binge Netflix and eat popcorn. Our kids may be squabbling. We might be working in different locations (in our house) not at our usual performance peaks.

So as we take a look at FEAR, we should name it:

  • We won’t be able to make payroll in two weeks
  • We will not be able to make the lease on office space in a month
  • We will not be able to sustain a two-month drop, let alone 18 months of this

Let’s break it down. These are true things – numbers won’t lie, so we’re at the second acronym, Face Everything And Rise. There is movement in getting SBA loans (zero interest loans) to keep the business (home) fires burning.

And you can rise. You can pivot, put your business online, connect with your customers in a way that is honest, authentic and will serve to boost your connections with them after this is over.

Let’s look at facing everything and rising!

Get your business online, and fast. Review our articles here, here, here and here for DIY and tips for getting online. If you need help – and that’s where we come in – we train each client to manage their own marketing. We’re in the business of transferring knowledge. You’ll take what we’ve shown you and you will pivot and grow.

Yes, some of our businesses will have to just stop for a little while but we can and should still be present with clients. This is NOT the time to abandon your social media and marketing efforts. Just be present if you can’t be open. We have a sailing regatta graphics business that is unique but our client events have been cancelled through June. We hope they’ll be back on, but we face another season (winter next year) when many of them may have to be cancelled again). We are just going live once a week, commiserating about the cancellations and being there for our clients and their attendees who are bitterly disappointed at the turn of events.

There is good evidence that we can rise out of this in June. Your immediate tasks:

  • Assess cash flow
  • Apply for a SBA loan
  • Talk with your bank about suspending mortgage, utility payments (those entities will likely get sustained federal funding)
  • Move your business online and create a separate revenue stream that you can continue when this is over
  • Connect with your customers! Don’t just sell, commiserate, be compassionate, and give to them whatever seems reasonable and helpful

And hang in there. If you need a video chat to strategize, we’re doing them for FREE right now. Schedule yours right now. Thirty minutes to one hour, totally free, we’ll help assess and give you a few actionable things to do right now that will help. This form below, reaches us, or you can message me direct at ann@marketingacuity.com.