How to create a collaborative marketing calendar using Google Calendar

Planning marketing activities using Google Calendar makes smart sense. You can also collaborate with others by adding them. This quick video tip includes a how to create a collaborative Google calendar to plan marketing events. Why plan marketing activities on a calendar? Most people have way too much on their to-do list to get it all done. Putting it on a calendar, forces you to be realistic about what you can get done – and it also keeps you on…

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Visual Goal-Setting For Small Business Owners

If you can see your business goals, it will be easier to achieve them In 2016, I cut out and taped a magazine spread from AAA Living magazine to my home office door. Which, after the laughter dies down a bit, I’ll explain. The photo is of a 38-ish-foot sailboat sailing over crystal clear blue waters. You can see the shadow of the boat on the sand UNDER the water. It’s a magical thing. The title of the article is…

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What I learned Coaching Startups in Former Soviet Republic of Georgia

What I learned coaching startups in emerging markets (and how it applies to startups here in the United States) by Ann Siegle I mentored three startup companies in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia in 2018 and early 2019. Our team, headed by a longtime international development  & venture capitalist was comprised of 17 members. Some, like me, coached multiple startups enrolled in the program, and most had expertise in diverse areas of business, from high tech to bioengineering to…

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