Pandemic marketing requires big changes

If your website homepage is the same as it was in late February, you need to change it, quickly. The world turned upside down. Your customers’ lives – and yours – are irrevocably different. If your message has remained the same, it needs to change.

It does not, however, need to be gloom and doom! Positive, uplifting messages encouraging your customers to change with the times, to get motivated to do something are helpful.

Early on, we saw lots of red, angry “STOP” banners. OK, so they weren’t stop, but they might as well be. Bright orange, red, and yellow banners are good to alert customers, but they are also scary, danger colors. Instead, try green or blue alert banners, which are calming and still probably different from your usual brand colors to catch attention.

What should your pandemic COVID-19 message on your home page include?
If you’re open, or able to sell online, put up a photo with an encouraging message such as “we’re open, can’t wait to see you!” If you’re exclusively online, keep the “we’re open!” but tailor the message toward the seasonal products or inspiration that you sell.

If you’re not able to be open right now, or are open at less than capacity, include an uplifting message to your clientele about how you’re working on it: “opening May 29th!” or “Opening June 28th!” Many businesses have to remain closed, such as salons, and other personal-care businesses.

For all businesses, regardless, be gentle with customers. They may not want to race back, they might want to show up before you’re open. If your business requires masks, have some on hand to let customers wear while browsing, and be prepared for some customers to resist. Mask wearing has become politicized not just by people themselves, but, by bots and trolls (a recent report showed 50% of the negative posts on Twitter on this subject were not real people at all.)

How to change the message on your homepage header:

In WordPress, you’ll find this under Slider or under Appearance>Customize

In SquareSpace, you’ll find this under “Banner” on your home page

  • Add a new photo, including an employee in a mask for those businesses opening up.
  • If you’re selling online, pull up your website’s main product grid page on your screen and take a photo of your computer. Use an interesting angle (it’s meant to show the computer, not just the screen.)
  • Add your message
  • Save
  • SEND an email to your clients announcing your site update and hours/policies change
  • If you don’t have an email list set up yet, export your customer list and get one going.

We’re in this for a while. Don’t let your marketing languish with outdated messages right now. It’s important to stay relevent.

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