I love to create handmade gifts – in years past I would bake cookies for clients! While I don’t do that any more (allergies and really, an overproduction of holiday treats at this time of year), I do still love to gift something small that people can use.

I created these holiday gift tag free printable to use for my own gifts, and to share with clients. All that you will need is thicker card-stock paper (available at your local office supply store) and scissors or a paper trimmer. The cards are square, have enough room to write your whole family on there “To: Mom, Love, Ann, George, Christian, Eyrin and the dog, Tiller” and have cut lines so you can trim them to the right size. They’ll print on any home printer and you can print as many as you need!

The snowflake design is holiday inclusive and the red and blue colors tie in with most wrapping paper themes.

Download this for free right here!