SquareSpace Commerce versus WordPress + Woo Commerce, which should you choose?

SquareSpace versus WordPress + Woo Commerce: Which should you choose for your creative product business? Artists who sell jewelry, prints and gifts, creators who sell sewing patterns and fabric, are increasingly augmenting their online sales from Etsy and other online marketplaces and setting up shop on their own web sites. Which should you choose? We explore SquareSpace versus WordPress in this blog post. Both WordPress (with WooCommerce) and SquareSpace have their benefits and their drawbacks – considering one or the…

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The dangers of building your business empire on borrowed land

Why businesses need a website not just social media You shouldn’t rely entirely on social media platforms to build your business. This is a cautionary tale for entrepreneurs who are new to the game. If you’ve only ever known the social media we have now, you probably don’t know what lies ahead if you build your business exclusively on borrowed land. Like most businesses, you’re filling your Facebook feed with content, your Instagram feed with photos, stories and inspirational quotes…

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Old > New In this four-part series Web Site Development Strategy, we are going to focus on four key areas: web site redesign planning, content planning and mapping (including a handy content development checklist), SEO and inbound marketing planning worksheets, web site field trips (what they are, and the importance of conducting one) and rolling it all up into a lead generating web site that brings in business 24/7. Web Site Redesign Planning: The web site planning process is the…

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