While social media only accounts for a minor percentage of total retail sales, it has a major influence on customer’s buying and shopping behavior. Online retailers have a big advantage when using social media to market because consumers are now spending more time in front of their messages!

 Through tools like Hubspot you can utilize social media to your online businesses advantage.

  • Track your results and know what is working to bring in customers
  • Know the right keywords to use in your social media posts
  • Follow the right people
  • Bring the right people to you
  • Convert traffic into sales

 If your online business is considering using social media ask these three questions,

  1. What are you selling? You want to make sure that you are clearly defining what you are marketing. 
  2. Who are you selling to? Know your target demographic. Before you can start using tools to market on social media you need to know about your customer. This takes some research! Ask yourself, what is your buyer persona? This includes age, gender, and interests.
  3. What social media is your target demographic spending time on? This is the most important factor when deicing what social media platforms you want to use.

 Why should your online business use social media? 

  • An average of 85% of all orders from social media come from Facebook. It’s a great platform to start your social media marketing upon.
  • Facebook has the highest conversion rate for all social media ecommerce traffic at 1.85%.
  • Facebook leads the market share by visitors with 63% or 23.3 Million visits
  • Pinterest comes in second with 13% of the market share of visitors
  • Following Pinterest, Twitter shares 10.5%
  • Youtube has about 8% of the market share by visitors
  • Reddit comes in last, but has about 4.5% of the market share by visitors

 It’s never been a better time for online retailers to market to their customers through social media. Online businesses already have a moderate understanding of how to use the Internet to market. Social media can be financially rewarding for online retailers if used correctly!

Want to make it easier for your business to plan out its social media campaign strategy? Download our free social media planning template to stay on track better.

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