Creating and promoting interactive content for your business

Creating and promoting interactive content for your business First, let’s define INTERACTIVE content! Then let’s explore what’s involved in creating and promoting interactive content for your business. Interactivity involves things that engage and invite visitors to have a back and forth with you. What does that involve? Quizzes, calculators, surveys, videos, animated infographics. You can do this in many ways. Let’s explore those: Social media interactive content When we think about social media interactivity, Instagram and Facebook come to mind.…

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Get your business online in a hurry: building an ecommerce site fast

Tired of Etsy fees? Website alternatives to Etsy

Tired of Etsy fees? Here’s how to use your own website with your Etsy store to nurture customers to buy on your website (without getting in trouble with Etsy.) And, also, why you should consider remaining on Etsy! Etsy is an online marketplace for hand crafted goods. It’s great in that it’s a marketplace – but it’s also huge. Being on Etsy has been an easy gateway for sellers to market their business because they own the hand-crafted marketplace space.…

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Cracking Google's Top 10 with Wordpress

How to crack the top 10 in Google search results using easy to use WordPress plugins

How to crack the top 10 in Google search results using easy to use WordPress plugins with a solid content creation strategy How we took a brand new website in a competitive market and cracked the top 10 in Google search results (and how you can too!) This EASY five-step process will have you on your way to being found online. We run a few businesses in the marine graphics industry. One, Michigan MC Numbers has been in 9 of…

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Bad Boss Mompreneur | How to be a better boss to yourself

Are you your *own* worst boss ever?

Are you your own worst boss? How your parent skills affect your business life and what you can do about it. How parent-preneurs can succeed & become better bosses to themselves Female entrepreneurs and mompreneurs often end up being their own worst bosses! But that’s not to say you can’t change. The key is identifying the things that are causing the problem and changing that. What makes a mompreneur or female entrepreneur a bad boss? Well, let’s look at some…

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What sizes do I need to make my social images (2022)

What size should you make your images for social media for 2022? We are sharing a resource we know you’ll love – and it’s from our friends at the marketing software platform Constant Contact. Here’s a handy guide from our friends at Constant Contact: Why should you invest the time in creating sizes for each individual channel? After all, most are pretty similar right? Like our blog post about optimizing images BEFORE you use them in your website or blog,…

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Beachy Home Office and Sewing Studio Makeover

Exploring my beachy home office makeover in this blog post. I’ll share before pics, after pics and the messy work between. First off, why should you makeover your home office? If you’ve spent any time in this pandemic working from your kitchen table, your laundry room (raises hand, 18 months!) or some other tucked away corner, you need to get planning on a home office revamp, stat. I love the beach – summer beach, winter beach – I’ll take it…

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Optimize your site for image search

Optimize Your Website for Image Search

Optimize your website for Image Search: How to ensure your site can be found through pictures Optimizing your website for image search is easy! You’ll put on your “think like your customer” hat and go for it. This blog post will walk you through optimizing your site for image search. Every website platform works similarly in terms of naming images, whether you are using WordPress or SquareSpace or Wix to create your site, naming of images and ALT tagging is…

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Entrepreneurs need rest at the holidays Take some rest

Entrepreneurs need deep rest at the holidays

If you’re running a business, chances are you’re doing what every other business owner is doing: frantically packing orders, finishing client projects, preparing for early January launches and finishing year end accounting and inventory. What entrepreneurs need is deep rest at the holidays. Here’s how you can carve that out of your schedule. Christmas and New Year’s Day are holidays. Take them off. If you are able (that is, you don’t run a retail store or a bar), also add…

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Mompreneur myths, truths and lies

Mompreneur, be true to yourself! Building a WFH business for mom entrepreneurs takes guts – and restraint

Mompreneur, build the business YOU want, not what society tells you should want! Every day I see posts by female and women business brands telling women entrepreneurs they’re shooting too low, that they need to think bigger. They need to think more like male entrepreneurs. Mompreneurs, I’m here to tell you to be true to yourself. If your littles are flying the nest and you want to get your product on Shark Tank and grow the heck out of it,…

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